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Aircraft Management

Aircraft ownership should simplify your business and personal aircraft transportation, not complicate it. Unless your company is operating multiple aircraft it’s impossible to enjoy the cost benefits of a fleet operator. Fleet discounts in aircraft insurance, crew training and parts just to name a few cannot be achieved without a considerable fleet and years of experience. The savings we can produce will exceed the management fees we charge. We can promise you that.


We manage everything including scheduling, aircraft operations, administrative and reporting needs, maintenance all of which cost less than a full time employee. Business Aircraft Group offers the following services or any combination there-of, depending on the aircraft owner’s needs. We can provide services to single aircraft operators with their own flight crew as well. Join the Group and let us see what we can do for you.


Aircraft Records Management: Including operational reports, maintenance, and regulatory compliance.

Operational Preparedness: process all operational items including, writing and seeking FAA approvals, MEL manual, RVSM certification and aircraft registration

Flight Crew Placement: Our network of experienced pilots and crew members will be hand-selected to compliment your aircraft operations.

Flight Planning & Scheduling: You choose when and where, we take care of the rest

Oversee accounting, operations, maintenance and customer service issues.

Take advantage of negotiated rates and discounts across the country with our network of aviation services




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