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Once the important decision to evaluate an aircraft purchase has been made, the real work begins for our experienced team. It all starts with a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your travel requirements.  As a partner in your new or used aircraft purchase, we guide you through a systematic process that assures the best value. We are not employed to sell you anything. Our entire focus is on helping you purchase the airplane that best fits your need. Business Aircraft Group will assess each of the potential airplanes on an extensive list of criteria and then assign values to each of the aircraft's assets. The comparative data on the best aircraft are graphically presented to the prospective buyer affording easy determination of the aircraft with the highest values. Once the right aircraft is selected, Business Aircraft Group carefully walks the buyer through the lengthy maze of details pertinent to the sale. Our depth of resources provides you options few companies around the country can offer. There is no trade for experience in this complicated and highly competitive marketplace when so many dollars are at risk.

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  • 1990 DASSAULT FALCON 900B   I  SOLD!!!

    Serial Number                            081

    Passenger Seating                     13

    Total Time                                  9,050 hrs

    Landings                                    8,000

    Engine Time                               #1 8,915 hrs  I  #2 8,913 hrs  I  #3 8,903 hrs

  • 1992 BEECHJET 400A   I   SOLD!!!

    Serial Number                            RK-62

    Passenger Seating                     7

    Total Time                                  8,210 hrs

    Landings                                    6,760

    Engine Time (TSMOH)                Left 3,446 hrs  I  Right 3,446 hrs

    Price                                         $479,000

    Price w/ Alternative Engines        $895,000

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